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Buss-SMS-Canzler is one of the leading international suppliers of solutions for the thermal separation of mixtures that are difficult to handle. We are the leading supplier of thin film evaporation technology in the world. We develop and manufacture machines and plants for drying, Evaporation and processing highly viscous materials.

Our test centre in Pratteln is equipped with 20 pilot plants for testing all kinds of products. Our testing capabilities allow us to develop customer-specific process solutions by applying tailor-made equipment and complete systems. We work worldwide for renowned companies in industries such as: plastics, fibre, polymers, specialty chemicals, agrochemicals, oleo and petrochemicals, fine, basic and biochemicals, foods and pharmaceuticals, as well as companies working on environmental and energy problems.

Buss-SMS-Canzler accompanies you as consultant, designer and manufacturer through all project stages.

Products and services

  • thin film evaporators
  • short path evaporators
  • thin film dryers 
  • CFT - dryers 
  • high viscosity processors 
High Viscosity Processor

Buss-SMS-Canzler offers a unique program of high viscosity processors for:
• Devolatilization
• Reaction
• Mixing
• Combinations thereof
These processors operate over a wide range of viscosities and residence times.

In addition to the longstanding and well known thin-film processors Filmtruder® and Viscon®, Buss-SMS-Canzler has developed single- and twin-shaft horizontal, large volume processors of the types Reactotherm®, Reasol®, Reacom® und Reavisc®.

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Short Path Evaporators

Short path evaporators offer excellent results with evaporation, concentration, distillation or degassing of high-boiling, temperature-sensitive products. The internal condenser minimises the pressure drop because of the short distance to the evaporation surface. Therefore, short path evaporators work with process pressures down to 0,001 mbar (a) and corresponding low boiling temperatures.

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Vertical Thin Film Dryer

Buss-SMS-Canzler offers a program of dryers using different operating principles tailored to meet the individual process requirements when treating products with particular characteristics and specific drying behaviour.

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