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E³ Beaters – Increase Capacity, Reduce Energy Consumption

HOSOKAWA ALPINE launches new ACM beaters on the market.

Up to 20 percent higher throughput, lower temperature intake, less complicated retrofitting – the new ACM beaters with the distinctive name "E3 Beaters" increase capacity and reduce energy consumption.HOSOKAWA ALPINE, a leading technology provider in the field of process technology, has succeeded with the E3 beaters in bringing a new top performer for the ACM classifier mill onto the market.

E3 beaters – efficiency now has a name

E3 stands for economical and energy-efficient grinding. With the new E3 beaters, throughput increases of up to 20 percent compared with existing ACM classifier mill beaters are achieved. As a result of the energy savings, the production costs sink to a minimum. The geometry of the E3 beaters serves to improve the effectiveness of the size reduction process twice over: besides the impact intensity, the impact frequency is also optimised. The inwards-oriented stagnation point flow, which works as a performance obstacle, was minimised. In this way, an optimum energy utilisation of the beaters is achieved. The result: a lower specific energy consumption. The main applications of the E3 beaters are to be found in the grinding of powder coatings and the grinding of tough materials that are difficult to grind such as wax and stearate.

Low production costs, high product quality, uncomplicated retrofitting – all advantages at a glance

The short batch times brought about by the high throughput rate, the low specific energy requirement, the short set-up time due to the wide fineness range of the grinding equipment and the high service life as a result of the speed-dictated low degree of wear all combine to reduce the production costs to a minimum. The E3 beaters also increase the product quality. The fines portion is minimised and even the heat generated during the comminution process and the product contamination brought about by abrasion is reduced.

The investment for retrofitting amortises within one year

The exchange of the old grinding disc for a new one fitted with E3 beaters is simple and guarantees an uncomplicated retrofitting process. No changes to other components are necessary when changing the grinding discs – meaning that the system is fully operational within a very short space of time. Retrofitting can take place on site or by a HOSOKAWA ALPINE expert – dependent on customer requirements. The retrofitting costs of the E3 beaters amortise within one year – an investment which really pays off in the long run.

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Exhibitor: HOSOKAWA ALPINE Aktiengesellschaft | Chemicals Division


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